P-51 Ballet at Duxford

          Too bad that the music (using that term loosely) partially drowns out the sound of those magnificent Packard Merlins.  Hard to imagine 19 year old kids with barely 200 hours jumping in these planes and taking on the Germans.

Polka Dot Warriors

War weary, unarmed and looking like rodeo clowns, the assembly ships of the United States Army's 8th Air Force were some of the strangest looking aircraft of the war. Follow this link to learn more:


Strategic Bomber Decline

Doesn’t matter if you are Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, Navy or Civilian  – YOU should appreciate the ‘message’ contained in this video.  A wake-up call of sorts IMHO!!!
Don’t be distracted by the link’s theme as the video will display some vital statistics about the state of our bomber force, strategic locations and the threat of a growing Chinese capability.  Combined with what Russia already possesses we should be concerned.  SAC is no more and the world has changed quite a lot, but still the danger is alive and well.  The statistics mentioned should awaken a sleeping giant.  Will it?  Not with the current leadership it won’t. 
The video shows the unrefueled range of bombers and fighters.  The video would have been more complete with a mention of our aerial refueling capability (KC-135 and KC-10 with a new KC-46 in development) and how it extends the range to almost unlimited.