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It's always Monday morning somewhere, seven times a week...

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In 2008, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for work done on a molecule called green fluorescent protein that was isolated from the bioluminescent chemistry of a jellyfish, and it's been equated to the invention of the microscope in terms of the impact that it has had on cell biology and genetic engineering. 
Edith Widder

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Hey, Lindbergh could have taken one of these with him in 1927!


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To help with due diligence, AWS, which was overseeing the prospective acquisition, hired a third-party company to scrutinize Elemental’s security, according to one person familiar with the process.

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At the end they say "Do you want to feel sick?  Go out and buy some gas now."  Because of inflation (thank you LBJ, RMN, et al) those prices are more-or-less in line with what gasoline costs today, in spite of the high state and federal taxes on it.  Today the AAA price is $2.19 per gallon; in Britain it is over five dollars.

Coke, bottled water and an espresso at Starbucks clock in at $3.84, $10.67 and $320 per gallon.

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Even more impressive than Borwein integrals!
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tag:para-rigger.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1321491 2018-09-13T23:25:06Z 2018-09-13T23:25:06Z Wheel falls off plane flown by solo 17 year old student pilot You're a 17 year old student pilot, and a wheel falls off your plane after you take off. What happens next?