Vivaldi: Now Hear This on PBS

OK gang!  Grab your socks; Kathy doesn't know how long this URL will be valid.  We just discovered Now Hear This on PBS's Great Performances.  This evening it was violinist Scott Yoo chasing down Vivldi's The Four Seasons across northern Italy, starting with Venice, the place of his birth.  As Samuel Johnson probably would not have phrased it, "Wowie zowie, gone to Maui!"   The violins!  The organs!  The musicians! The history!  The artisans and the Italian countryside and the Vivaldi Museum and the cathedrals!  Sensory overload time here gang, audio and visual alike!

Symphony in Blue

Avec Eine Kleine Bachmusik!

This video shows the evolution of the Blue Angels in jet aircraft beginning with the F9F and progressing through the F11, F4, A4 and F18.  Turn on the sound.

Sierra Hotel Aeronautics presents: