Ten-Gun Terror - The Bristol Beaufighter

When a Beau goes in, 
Into the drink, 
It makes you think, 
Because, you see, they always sink
But nobody says 'Poor lad'
Or goes about looking sad
Because, you see, it's war,
It's the unalterable law,

Although it's perfectly certain
The pilot's gone for a Burton
And the observer too
It's nothing to do with you

And if they both should go
To a land where falls no rain
   nor hail
nor driven snow -
Here, there, or anywhere,
Do you suppose they care?

You shouldn't cry
Or say a prayer or sigh.
In the cold dark sea, in the dark
It isn't a lark
But it isn't original sin -
It's just a Beau going in.

Gavin Ewart

Trouble ahead

If Iraqi oil goes off line, $200 oil is next

Iraq's biggest oil refinery shut down, foreign staff evacuated

If only we had a way to be less dependent on foreign oil…. oh yeah, something about Koch brothers, election,…

Well, it looks like Canada decided they waited long enough.  The oil's now going to Asia.