Fwd: 8/26/20 Sourced from Government Archive

I was a bit skeptical of the hype for this video. I clicked on it and was quickly hooked, and have actually watched it twice. It is spooky how what he foreshadowed in 1968 has been playing out in this country over the last few months. One can tell that the video has been edited but so many things we see on TV are. Perhaps it is a little more obvious here because the technology was not as sophisticated as what is available today. 

8/26/20 Sourced from Government Archive

Subject: This 1968 Video is Current

Amazing: This video tells exactly the playbook agenda as per the 2020 Democrat Party PLATFORM .... 52 years later.    

Don’t be fooled by the fancy prime time reporting.  Read the Party Platform for the true Agenda then compare the 2020 Democrat Platform with the video.  

The video is very prophetic about what is going on before our very eyes TODAY!  Amazing!   

Full video here:

Manning Johnson's farewell address here: