Jellyfish 101 - Pictures and a Video

In 2008, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for work done on a molecule called green fluorescent protein that was isolated from the bioluminescent chemistry of a jellyfish, and it's been equated to the invention of the microscope in terms of the impact that it has had on cell biology and genetic engineering. 
Edith Widder

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Nostalgia Time ... Old Gas Stations

At the end they say "Do you want to feel sick?  Go out and buy some gas now."  Because of inflation (thank you LBJ, RMN, et al) those prices are more-or-less in line with what gasoline costs today, in spite of the high state and federal taxes on it.  Today the AAA price is $2.19 per gallon; in Britain it is over five dollars.

Coke, bottled water and an espresso at Starbucks clock in at $3.84, $10.67 and $320 per gallon.

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