BREAKING: Is the Government Spraying the Entire City of Portland with Crystalline DHMO?
Massive quantities of pure, frozen crystaline DHMO are literally raining down from the heavens above Portland. So much crystal DHMO is being sprayed onto the northwestern city that the sky has reportedly been blotted out — the sun and clouds rendered invisible by the relentless white spray, presumably being projected from unseen drone aircraft at a wifi-enabled altitude.
Eyewitness:  I can definitely verify the presence of dihydrogen monoxide exposure at massive levels.

Russian Su 30s At Play - Russia Kicks It Up a Notch!

Flat Spins in formation!  Sound ON!  Pay particular attention to how close they get to the ground in some of the maneuvers.  Check this guy at 48 seconds into the video – almost on the ground and completely vertical.  Amazing. Note that they stop vertically and then accelerate vertically.