Twenty Operation Overlords and Forty Norman Invasions a Year

One if by land, two if by dinghy . . .

I guess you could call it “soft war.” Warfare without the hardware. And you’re not supposed to feel it.

Just keep your eyes on Putin in Ukraine and the IDF in Gaza. Nothing to see here in the ol’ homeland.

If you do notice, and raise an eyebrow, you are obviously a racist in a nation founded by racists. If you notice and rejoice, well, let it not be whispered that you are in fact a racist in a nation despised by its own governing majority, that seeks to tear it asunder by means of racial animus and/or cultural self-loathing.

Can it possibly be claimed that today’s America is less racist than in 1865 or 1965? Or that Great Britain is fundamentally more democratic than in the era of its most imperial kings and queens?

Are we supposed to think that a collapsing demographic of “white” citizens and a deliberate open borders policy are coincidental? That the latter isn’t designed to accelerate the former?

Or that a nation whose popular majority votes for a “Brexit” from the EU and is then steadily undermined by Remainers among its own elected representatives — that this nation governs “by the consent of the governed”?

Whatever happened to the days when invasions and ethnic cleansings came straightforwardly at the point of a spear — led by the likes of Alexander, Mehmet and Suleyman, or Hitler, and fueled by ideologies such as Jihad, Aryan supremacy, and Manifest Destiny?

Whatever happened to the days when invaders were sometimes repelled and dispatched, rather than coddled and released without bail for all but the most heinous crimes that even the complicit media can’t entirely ignore, such as the rapes and murders of women and girls who thought they still lived in a civil society — the days when the so-called Leader of the so-called Free World wouldn’t minimize these crimes by pointing out that women and girls — and boys, come to think of it — are also groomed and raped by their own relatives, teachers, and priests.

The progressive One-Worlders and Co-Existers, of course, have the answer: It is precisely to avoid those age-old bloody tribalist invasions that we are instituting the current open-door, mostly peaceful invasions. (Mostly peaceful, that is, until they arrive at your subway station or train, or at your neighborhood jogging trail or public park.) Clearly, goes their reasoning, if we eliminate tribalist nation-states — as the League of Nations, United Nations, and European Union were designed to do, if we simply DEI our populations, then the terrible wars of the past will indeed become a thing of the past, and the planet will be saved. If you don’t get it, listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Well, pardon me if I still don’t get it. Is being raped by “Paki” grooming gangs in the same general area of England where Hadrian’s Wall was once erected to keep out the barbarians more desirable than being a Trojan woman carted off as spoils of war by the likes of Agamemnon? Is coordinated Pro-Palestinian desecration of our campuses more enlightened than, say, Krystallnacht? Did the BLM “Summer of Love” in 2020 bring us closer to a more civilized, kinder and gentler society?

Are there social advances stemming from this assault on whiteness that I’m simply not seeing? Am I myopic? Dyslexic? Why am I getting an F in Critical Race Theory?

Sometimes I find myself wondering how Vladimir Putin — architect of a “conventional,” old-fashioned invasion — sees our world. Is it philosophical astigmatism or cataracts that cloud his perception of the virtues of a modernist, globalist, partially Islamized, de-Christianized, Green-New-Dealized, sexually “liberated,” homogenized Europe?

What could this former Communist KGB operator possibly find distasteful about a leadership class that has successfully installed Pope Francis to destroy what’s left of The Catholic Church and a Puppet President to destroy what’s left of America’s Constitutional Republic?

Whatever it is, clearly something there is in Putin’s mind that doesn’t love the New World Order. Could it be that he sees Europe more as a cultural threat to his vision of a revitalized Russian society than as a military threat standing in the way of world domination? Is he entirely disingenuous when indicating that he covets Kiev as the cradle of Christianity in Russia, which he seeks to re-embrace in the face of Western decadence?

But so much for him — it’s enough of a challenge to figure out our own leadership class.

Who are these people? Who’s waging this soft war on our traditional populations and values? Who’s funding it? — and don’t tell me that all these “caravans” moving up through South America, across the Darien Gap, and into Mexico aren’t being funded. Who’s paying for all their clean, brand-name athletic gear, food and water, and intermittent bus and truck travel? How do these desperate migrants come up with $20,000 each with which to pay the cartels that blaze their trails? Don’t tell me that there isn’t as much logistical planning for all this as there was for Operation Overlord.

It’s a shadow government, and all it needed was for the Biden Regime to open the gates. D-Day has come and gone, and now the “allied forces” from across the world are pouring over the border and into the heartland, heading for “Berlin” and opposed only by a few remaining crack regiments in a Republican Party that doesn’t fully support them. In the UK the Tory Party has been routed altogether, and in the UK there is no Donald Trump — the last remaining “field marshall” who might rally a dispirited people.

On the calendar the Fourth of July has also come and gone. Mine was happy only because Trump has not yet been fully vanquished.

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