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interesting display of economic trends
Interesting....and worth watching
Facinating graphic following the economic rising and falling by count and automobile product. Not too surprising C home leads the worlf.
I lived and worked through these changes. The 1974 UAW lobbying to Congress to have two separate fuel economy fleets caused some these changes as well as the US/Japan VRA ( Voluntary Restraint Agreement). US auto company management was always too focused on quarterly profits to see that poorly designed, low quality US small cars would provide an entry point for other manufacturers to gain US market access.
Hate to admit that this is a shocker to me
We made it easy for GM to build Buicks in China with little import duty. Also, GM has yet to pay back the money they borrowed from US government back in 2008. Trump gonna fix that!! I hope?
GM has paid back everything they owe!!! Learn about what you're talking about before you open your mouth!
I worked for 31 years at GM and I saw where they had to invest in China. It was either compete there or just lay down and die just as Chrysler has done. We did not pay attention to China's economy and while they brought their economy up they also made sure products sold there were built there. All the while we still do not care if the product is built here or not.
Incredible. Eye opening and realization of reality !!!
A very interesting and well produced piece. Ah, the mighty Dotson!
A very interesting and well produced piece. Ah, the mighty Dotson!
walter Piotrowski, you are wrong!! They still owe about 10 billion. They paid most of the debt with neer worthless GM stock at a much high price then it was worth. US government still hold most of that stock waiting for it to go up I guess.
walter Piotrowski, maybe you should check the facts before you open your mouth!!
Charlie, GM was LOANED $6Billion by the Government. PAID IN FULL IN 2009. The 10 billion you are talking about was the United States Government buying GM stock.They turned around and sold it for about $22 a share. Had they kept it until 2018/19/20 and sold it then, they would have made money. BUT they, like many investors in the stock market sold and took their loss. Anyone investing in stocks takes a chance on losing money. FACT.
Could care less
this leave a lot of important points wide open: 1 . the density per household (= f( number of people and income) 2. how have the main players in the game done during this time ? 3. what are the big companies learn from these figures? 4. how has the supporting industry developed ? and, and and
US new that going in. Another deal the government new but continued to help get GM out of the red. GM was supposed to keep the two northern PP plants open but under protest closed them anyway. I hope Trump hangs them out to dry with an even bigger import tariff than the rest of China's stuff. Their cars are too expensive and the Buicks are junk! Demo'd a couple of them last march. Bought a new Lincoln Nautilus all wheel drive 2.7 turbo. Twice the vehicle of any Buick and cost less!!
GM headquarters is still in Detroit. They pay little or no taxes here because now most of their cars are made and sold in China. If Trump made them pay taxes on the cars they sell in China, GM would be pulling out of China and making their cars here. That was the main reason for the bailout in the first place.
Like to be kept informed.
China's development begun when they changed their comunist economy to a market economy
Would like to see this in graph form and compare times when democrats were in power
It's a shame.Will it ever come back? I don't think so.
It's a truly sad commentary and reality. The Canadian Government gave the car industry big dollars and tax breaks to help save the industry in Canada then allowed it to move off shore ,only to kill the oil industry and give grants for the purchase of Foreign made Elect vehicles. And abandoning the car industry in the Golden triangle in Ont.
Enlightening but sad.
These charts are awesome, but they need to be speed up by a factor of 10
good statistic figure
Superb graphic. Watching history unfold in a few minutes. India in 10 years time to be #2?
Chinese MFG is using engineering and equipment from Japan, USA and Italian joint ventures. Buick and Tesla are respected brands in China. China does have an electric vehicle NIO, using "stolen technology" that bares watching.
When will we stop supporting a communist dictatorship
Beautifull visual transformation
WOW, keep these displays coming,
absolutely an eye opener
Purportedly today Tesla sells more cars in the US than toyata
Very good presentation. Very enlightening.
SHOCKING but...not surprising. GREAT graphic presentation. Here comes India!
Keep them coming and thanks
With China exporting the China virus there manufacturing better be gear for domestic production as a lot of people who are suffering from the virus shutdowns will have long memories
What you see here is the effect at the top of unfair exchange rates on production, particularly China recently. India's rise is the result of getting control of brands cast off by other car companies during the post-Y2K economic meltdown. And those of you quibbling about a measly government loan to GM a decade ago totally ignore the WWI and WWII reparations that Europe owes the US, and they have NEVER paid back in full for 75-100 YEARS!! I'm not sure about reparations from Japan but I do know that our Allie England only recently paid off its WW1 debt! Where is WW2?
Germany managed to convince the Allies to reduce their reparations decades after the war ended, so they will never ever fully pay what they initially owed the world. And their auto industry thrives now.
I am surprised that Thailand is not on this list. I live north of Bangkok surrounded by Japanese and South Korean auto factories which can pay less for labor here than in Japan or So. Korea. I also lived 31 years in those two countries and didn't see as much car manufacturing there, as there is here. Probably the Thais don't get the credit because the car companies here are not Thai but Japanese and So. Korean. You might like to check out who makes all those cars that the Japanese and So. Koreans get the credit for. Hope this info helps you.
I am surprised that Thailand is not on this list. I live north of Bangkok surrounded by Japanese and South Korean auto factories which can pay less for labor here than in Japan or So. Korea. I also lived 31 years in those two countries and didn't see as much car manufacturing there, as there is here. Probably the Thais don't get the credit because the car companies here are not Thai but Japanese and So. Korean. You might like to check out who makes all those cars that the Japanese and So. Koreans get the credit for. Hope this info helps you.
Great program. I hope to see more of the same. Thanks!
I grew up in Detroit and spent 2 summers working for FoMoCo while going to college then US Army Viet Nam veteran. Still a big car guy and loved that mfg. industry. Thanks for the impressive heads up on our Detroit Automotive industry which they threw away. I will certainly stay connected with conversation. Thanks Guys!!!
So now GM and Ford will stop making automobiles and focus on SUVs. Is there a lesson here spoiled people in the USA? I guess that not one of the commentors is a car guy enough to notice how precipitously England dropped out of the picture. Everyone knows that has something to do with the Prince of Darkness.....Lucas Electrics :)
Great presentation. I learned a lot from the comments.
Buy Products Made in the USA!
Interesting how so many comments seek to find a political angle to this, be it Communism or Republican vs Democrat. But, FYI, US domestic auto production declined every year from 2002 to 2008, then increased every year from 2010 to 2016, and then declined. You can work out who was "in charge" at those times.. :) China's auto growth is nothing to do with exchange rate, as almost all their production is for domestic (97%) with just 3% exported.
You are doing good job
fascinating display, would be improved be leaving the final graphic showing at the end rather than going blank/back to the start
Keep shopping at "China West"-Walmart and it will only get worse.
good info
Very Impressive Display! Thank you! Trump/Republicans need to display this online video---without commentary other than "We seek to compete"--on a level playing field!!
Great video. Having spent 45 years in truck manufacturing marketing and sales globally and spending a considerable amount of time in SEAsia & China for 25 of those years, I saw this coming. I challenge you to do the same graphic illustration showing domestic consumption versus exports. In other words every car manufacturer in the world wanted to tap into China starting back in 1980 as it opened its doors. Then they had no highways and est roads were wide low levels of traffic in Beijing. Then de regulation of taxi business, over night, Mercedes, BMW, Volvos, Audis, Acura,Lexus you name it. Domestic use versus exports next please....... Good Job on this education video...
Brilliant research !!
Brilliant mind opening article. Great research !!
Finally a group of knowledgeable adults that see what’s going on in our world of car sales and control of same. Keep it up! Very Interested in your thoughts about the coverup taking place at this time concerning the change over from ‘ACTUAL MONEY’ to GOVERNMENT CONTROL of our upcoming “air” dollar ...NO MORE paper money folks!! The government will be CONTROLLING your EVERY monetary move. No REAL money but government controlled ‘AIR’. Might want to check out the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi (Bill Gates is fully engaged in this). Do your own research! They will probably try to throw me in prison, or I could get hit by a bus, ok...I will die soon anyway, I’m a senior and truly ”want to get this out ASAP! Do your homework fellow Americans and save this Country for the people who love it like we do... for the next and future generations. It’s the right thing to do! May God continue to Bless America!
This has to stop. No wonder China feels invincible ....
No comment at this time as I am all ready on more than one or more government list for who knows what ? I kind of expect to have an accidental end, or something like that. Some of us Vietnam veterans that saw things that never happened or were simply war stories have mysteriously died or disappeared ESPECIALLY if they war story involved a senator or congressman. i got dirt on more than one "Suit" with dark glasses that took untouchable no questions asked off my helicopter in the Central highlands of Vietnam. Out in the bush, un named unmarked persons throw bundle/s into your ship instructions received,fly direct,no deviations to ---------. NO ONE , but _____is to touch the bundles. .We have been briefed on this shit before. Lose the cargo, go to Army jail for a long time. ONLY YEARS LATER DID I LEARN WE WERE SMUGGLING DRUGS FOR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND SIMILIAR. JUST LIKE ''AIR AMERICA"
Where is India now? #4 What is the population growth and who has control of what happens in their country? CCP, China!
What graphics software did you use?
i I am the one who witnessed this change. I am a hong konger been to China simce 1978
Fantastic realization
GM makes Cadillacs in China and sells more of them in China than in the US. Please remember that GM employs a hell of a lot of people in the USA and their suppliers do also. GM started converting a factory to make ventilators and put people to work several weeks before Trump thought about it. Another bit some missed is that GM is in business to make money for their stockholders (same with other automakers). GM has the most ethical and customer oriented brass of all auto mfgs. GM didn't continue to manufacture and sell Pintos with gas tank tops as part of the trunk floor for over 10 years when minor rear end collision allowed gasoline to flow directly into the passenger compartment (and catch fire). GM has dropped car divisions and many of the adjunct businesses to stay competitive. At one time they had 68% of the auto market, today perhaps 13%. But management still produces the safest vehicles for its customers than any other company.
Thanks Richard for the additional date and facts. Appreciate getting info that isn't Fake!
I like it it is very good know leg for us
I bet to differ about GM has paid off their debt from 2008, with obama,s help they wiped out our GM stock worth over $30, 000 and we weren't ever paid back.
GM with obamma.s help wiped out our stock investment of over $30,000 and we never got a penny back.
Once the global trade toothpaste was out of the tube, America was going to die a death by a thousand cuts. Reaganomics (or as Sr. Bush called it "Voodoo economics") gave full permission to the Oligarchs to turn this nation into a Plutocracy. And they were smarter than the robber Barons of the Guilded Age. They knew just the right amount of 'crumbs' to throw out to the plebes to create tribal divisions while creating a corporate culture that was to be revered instead of suffering the traditional vilification. So, every move "the government" ( by 1992 a fully formed, fully owned corporation) made was geared to the Shareholder and upper level management, (NAFTA, CFTA, etc.). CEO's were now able to be vested in companies with stock options and thus no compelling interest to succeed their companies, other than to make their stock options grow, providing them with a nice golden parachute when they left. You can see this about this time when China must have said to itself, " OMG, we can control the US through it's corporate greed, and short term quarterly addiction to money". So when you saw China's bar chart go off the page, it felt like our corporate entities -- with their monetary addictions -- were being lured by China's economic pusher-man. And like most drug addicts, there was no care for what might happen to their loved ones back home. But the main problem were the nationalists back home who were enabling this corporate greed by electing like-minded groupthink politicians with the promise that the average Joe would be able to join the club. Oops.
Why is this surprising to anyone? Twenty years ago only 10% of China’s population lived in cities. Now fully 50% of their 6 BILLION people do. Apparently many Chinese, like we Americans, prefer to drive rather than use public transportation.
So how’s their bicycle use going or coming? Jim Jetton Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Posthaven Comments Sent: Saturday, August 8, 2020 2:03 PM
That was fascinating. To John Toomey's comment....... John, Thailand popped in, then out again, right at the end almost.
The liberal demorats suck the chinese
Good Information and presented in a very interesting way. Graphic designing is superb.
Excellent informations. Thanks.
From this, one can see that the English speaking countries were asleep at the wheel while China had its foot on the accelerator.
A lot of mouth with poor English!!!!!
Interesting; China took over during the Obama-Biden years.
A tribute to unions!
Great graph. I miss the presentation of how many and which brands China imported and reversed the vehicle export figures for China. With brand differentiation since many western cars are manufactured in China.
What are the Chinese car brands? Not familiar with the names..............
We also need to remember that China moved almost totally from bicycle transportation to automobiles during this period and it continues, I was there in 1998 and again 2015; the difference was stunning.
اريد ان أوقع مشرف مجموعة الخط
Excellent accounting. China has slowly taken over. Clever, evil bunch.
Great graphs, interesting China is chomping at the bit ?
Buy more Ford 150s
#%$#! Send contributions to republican candidates for House of Representatives and Trump! Make America great again!
If my calculations are correct, China is producing cars this year at the rate of 1 car for every 51 citizens. The US is producing cars at the rate of 1 car per 29 citizens. Wait til we see the Chinese catch up to our rate of ownership. That's about 48,000,000 cars vs the 27,000,000 a year they're making now.
Crikey mate how many of hours of research putting that together and then the tech to display it in that form. Makes a dull subject exciting to watch, thought I was at the track betting on a horse.
Good data
That’s “Scary” and alarming. Very interesting
Interesting facts & lovely presentation
Very good production excellent value thank you
Worked in automotive, Manufacturing over 35 years in Detroit. I blamed the wrong Governmental agency.
Incredible - and scary. Great graphics work. Do you have anything similar for the pharmaceutical industry?
Proves that China is an economic, social, military and political enemy of the world. They steal IP and give back nothing. The world must stop them.
¡Excelente gráfico. Muy claro, gracias. Y los comentarios, de primera!
Lovely surge of mega China car producers in less than a decade
Toyota Land cruser prado 120 VX
Superb Analysis and well presented.
Figures seem to club commercial vehicles such as trucks with passenger cars. If you take passenger cars alone, it would reveal in which countries the middle class numbers are stagnating , such as Brazil & India.
Very nice comparision.dekhkar maza aagaya what a easy and nice process salaam hai
Snazzy graphic, but it falsely gives the impression that automobiles are manufactured in a single country thus, one country versus another. It’s been an increasingly global economy ever since the 1970s-80s. Parts for cars are produced in multiple countries, and assembled in others. My 1990s GM pickup has parts made in the USA, Japan, Mexico, and Canada.
Best editing
Best editing
Recently, I did a repair on my 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser (assembled in Mexico from parts made in various places). In this repair I had to remove the inner panels in the wheel wells. These panels used a certain type of plastic fastener that utilized a special tool to insert and remove them. I didn’t want to reuse the old ones, so I ordered new ones, some extras, and a new tool — from China. Do these parts count as China manufacturing cars?
We just know they are ruthless the Chinese in industry.It has made a lot of other countries uncomfortable,but we all like quality at a low price.
Yes, excellent contribution. It would be great to compare not countries of brands but manufacturer and the countries where cars components are made and or assembled. Would also show the big shift to China but probably in an even bigger proportion and in short span of time!
Excellent anslysis.Technology made this assessment happen.Well done.
Excellent assessment. Technology has made this analysis happen.
Why does the total number for China go backwards in the period 2017 -2020?
Surprised that no Eastern Europe shows on graph at any time.
Another example of China's rapidly developing might. Very scary
Trump makes statements that he is going to do this and that, they all sound GREAT but..... 4 years later where is the stop of off-shoring and bring back the manufacturing to the USA??? His Administration make claims, but the facts don’t support their claims.
Really very innovating
Very innovating
Very innovating
We have learned so much from these experiences. Hopefully we will remember them and use them wisely.
Where' China ? I thought they would be much higher ! Lauchlan Fulton
Very interesting graph, we are involved in the liquid and gas ankcontainer industry. All started in France with likes of BSL, ANF etc. later moved to countries as Germany, UK, Belgium etc. followed by South Africa. During the end of the 90ties our production in South Africa was one of the larger outfits, we had some enquiry from China and not too long afterwards they started up production in China and are today's largest producer... the story continues .. let me know your thoughts at www.12tc.nl
I'd like to view the export/import data of automobiles by country.
Very Interesting
What are the names of Chinese cats sold in USA?
Excellent analysis with compilation of data reflect that technology update upgrades will require to follow otherwise you are out of business
Fascinating. Upsetting to watch Uk car manufacturing slowly fading away.
Woh sab theek hai, India ka kya???
Are pickup trucks included in these figures? What about heavy trucks?
Superb portrayal and informative in a dramatic way.
Seems that since China has the most people they should produce the most cars. Now that the citizens are allowed to have them and can pay for them.
Very interesting and so are the many comments.
If we don’t make some strong decisive moves, we will end up like the chickens on the Tyson truck!
Good eye opening site, I hope you are sending to Boris ??
Electric vehicles, Corona could reboot the economic systems including auto industry across the world.
As at least one other mentioned...some think the US's success or failure in virtually any market is attributable to the POTUS. And as a lifelong unaffiliated voter (saw the potential for a biased mentality when I was a teenager and considering political parties; saw it best to assess each candidate by their individual merit, character, attributes and personal shortcomings...I wish more people would see the tragic impact of the robotic thinking blanket support for anything can cause), I've supported GOP politicians and Dems...whichever individual, with honest impartial consideration...presented themselves as best candidate or showed their elected position of power comes with a dedication to principles and effort to bettering our welfare, security, prosperity, integrity, key values (like ethical conduct, compassion & heart...the *really* important elements of life, not just "Are we superior to other countries? If not, let the end goal justify the means."; there's a lot of fear in the preoccupation of "who's best". When we entirely shift our value system based on what we've learned about life; that our most precious experiences in it were related to cherished relationships, chapters where creativity and inspiration were a big part of our happiness (anyone 40 or older should remember how awesome music used to be, and maybe it's not a coincidence that life just "kicked butt" then too. Peace, love, laughter...who's graphing out over the last 70 years which country is laughing most each year? Who's making the most goosebumps producing songs; songs that had us wonder how a song could be so perfect, it's as if the core of one's heart during an immeasurably profound and impacting chapter in their life somehow made it to recording tape by miraculously transcribing the depth of emotion and all that makes our hearts swell and burst...into melody, harmony and lyrics. If a song can be realized to have us feel an absolutely unique feeling, mood, change our state of conscious being to perceive the world (in a good way) or the moment as nothing any other song comes close, then that's a pure song Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want. Zep's Whole Lotta Love, The Police's Can't Stand Losing You. The Beatles' I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Henry Mancini's Theme From a Summer Place. The Beach Boys' God Only Knows. Paul Simon's Kodachrome. Hawaii Five-0's Opening Theme. Elton John's Rocket Man. These songs changed millions at their core. I found the automobiles production timeline quite interesting. I could strive to find who's "at fault" for the US falling out of the top spot. I see many others' comments reflected their default mental programming, which is to assume there's something wrong, make it a priority to find it, then swiftly point the finger at whomever has been regarded as the enemy or inferior in one's mind. Instead of appreciating the wealth of our life experience clearly revealing that life itself *is* change. There is no life without a constant flow of movement, sometimes more, others comparatively less. And with the understanding that life is cycles and waves, night defining day, pain defining pleasure, you defined as an individual only with the presence of others. Your uniqueness defined only by others different than you. If everyone was identical, everyone would drive everyone else insane with boredom or chaos, knowing exactly how others will behave would in time lead to perfectly predicting their actions. And they yours, and the zero interest in interacting with others that caused us to become so reclusive, we'd all die. The "Be at the ready to find fault with others, any given situation, our daily lives or circumstances" mental programming is indicative of how our lives are so easy, we have to make up problems. Ten thousand years ago, most humans woke up knowing that they could be eaten by a Saber-Toothed Cat, 130 lb Dire Wolves, American Lion, Giant Short-Faced Bear, American Cheetah. And that finding food to feed oneself and potentially their family would take tremendous physical energy, dedication and perseverance to hunt and kill and eat, or likewise to gather enough edible plant matter. Point being, their entire lives were "a problem", because it was in jeopardy in a broad variety of ways the majority of their lives. The last thing they had time to think about was who was a "fault" for those things in their lives that they found personally...unacceptable. Was it the fact that Wasstem seemed to have lousy archery skills? Again, he missed an easy shot intended for the baby buffalo. He did the same thing 20 days ago. Maybe the leading archer just feels a simple gratitude for his natural ability to hit most prey if within 100 ft. Maybe his highest-of-tribesman archery skills only means his level of responsibility to provide food to the tribe goes without saying. We've become lazy and bored and bought into those who came before us who were dissatisfied with a life virtually incomparable to the vast majority of all other animals on the planet (they have to worry about becoming prey and they have to spend much of the day searching for food. We don't have 'real problems (unless we're bleeding profusely out the side of our neck, we're freezing to death or have someone chasing us with a machete). All people reading this will sleep in a comfortable bed, have fresh running water (hot if desired), plenty of food, and...a wealth of life experience telling us that while US Automakers aren't number one, so what? Other countries have every right (having the same freewill every other human has) to make as many cars as they want. And if that # comes out to be more than the US made, so what? We're too often not too big on compassion for others, especially the physically farther away they are. With distance comes genetic deviation, varied cultures, etc. And another component of mental programming is to feel those who look, act and believe differently are inferior (or a threat). If we're a caucasian US born learns of China's manufacturing structure now blowing ours away, the majority don't reflexively think, "That's great for them! I'm so happy they're economy is booming." But why not? I'm betting the majority of the 1.4 billion Chinese had a standard of living the first 30 years of their lives in what we would call squalor. They start doing well, which means hundreds of millions now have a steady job making an average of about $3.60/hr we're so spoiled (spoiled rotten, sadly), we think that's insanely low. But consider that the hourly wage for Sri Lankan workers in comparable positions is $0.50. And no, it's not the president's fault. If the POTUS sucks, we must remember that he/she was elected and thus representative of the flaws in the system (if they remain in power or are allowed to make bad decisions. And it's not the president's actions that lead to __________ seemingly positive change. If the price of gas drops, even if the POTUS negotiated with middle eastern powers to get it down, his good work was only done because we let him. 330 million Americans have a lot of power. Infinitely more than any individual on the planet. It's just our lack of willingness to collaborate, work together with simply reasoned courses of action as a whole of the population to change basically anything we collectively don't like. If we don't like prescription drug prices, the prices would plummet if Americans simply *committed* to not buying whichever med we knew was unreasonably high. Same thing with surgeries. If a hip replacement costs ~$32,000, even with average insurance, one's out of pocket cost will be around $4,400. Again, that's *with* insurance. Keep in mind you've been paying a few hundred/month premiums for years, which adds up to about $36,000 totaling the last decades of premiums paid. In Mexico, the same bad hip can get a nice fresh new hip for 35% the cost...$12,500. And I'm betting the Mexican surgeons are very pleased with the investment on their education to get the MD credentials; their income allowing them an exceedingly comfortable life. If the vast majority of Americans strictly committed to either holding off on needed hip surgery or going to Mexico to have the relatively straight-forward procedure performed, I'm positive hip surgeons and other powers that be responsible for establishing the procedure's cost would lower to be close to our Hispanic neighbors. And the same goes for literally everything all those who are complaining about; those things we *know* are ridiculous. If malpractice insurance is insanely high, because of the possibility of getting sued for millions, brainstorm on whatever needs to be done as a whole of the population to change the law so that the court system isn't allowed to order judgments of ultra high amounts of money. But with that comes greater responsibility. I had an elective surgery on my finger (to remove some hard tissue near the bone). The surgeon said I could just live with it or he could go in and remove it. I expressed my indecision, asking him what he recommended it, saying "Let's do it!". He failed to discuss the risk of nerve damage that ended up resulting from inadvertently slicing/damaging it. Surely a surgeons knows such is a possibility. He never said a word, only suggesting we do it. As I was ready to walk in from the lobby to have the surgery done, I was told I needed to sign some documents. Boring, wordy and very lengthy, I signed it. Included was generic verbiage about the risk of nerve damage, and by signing, I acknowledge and accept this risk, thus disallowing a lawsuit. In effect, my insurance paid the surgeon probably $5-8K to accomplish nothing more than produce shooting pain if touched in a certain spot, and numbness on my right ring finger for the rest of my life. We need to make surgeons responsible, but when they're not, quit the thinking we're entitled to a fortune. And maybe surgeons shouldn't be making $300K+/year unless they're brain surgeons. And maybe we shouldn't be paying auto shops $120 hour for basic work that they're legally allowed to charge a total labor time as assigned by some book. I brought a car in once with my own torque converter and asked for a quote. $240 he said (2.5 hours at $95/hr...this was years ago) and told me when I complained about the high cost. He explained the book says he can charge 2.5 hours. I accepted the cost and told him I was going to walk down the street and have breakfast, asking how long before my car is ready. He said "About 45 minutes". Get it? How about we revamp the auto repair industry standards and use that book as the max allowable charge, but that they're required to only charge clocked labor time actually taken. Our world is fine. We're accepting it just like it is, because humans have a way of improving things that cause serious problems in their lives. Whining is just whining. We we're truly fed up, we'll effectively eliminate all the scammers, unreasonable, unprincipled costs for healthcare, unfair laws, namely by eliminating the seldom discussed actual reason, likely that laws are cookie-cutter only because it's easier to manage for those enforcing the judicial system and handing out sentences. And when a Judge is biased, the respondent or defendant should have the automatic choice to have a new Judge appointed (I have only 37% custody of my son because of a clearly biased Judge, who ignored a wealth of supportive evidence, stating lie after lie in her closing comments to justify my petition for 50%. She didn't have any true/valid comments to support her decision, so she just made stuff up on the fly. She ignored gravely serious issues with my son's mother and his stepdad. We need Judges who care about children. They need to be more considerate that the two parties are in court because at least one of them wasn't mature enough to manage some element of their life and though adults, need basically a stranger to solve problems their immaturity (including selfishness and irresponsibility) is ultimately responsible for. The problem is, in many cases that Judge imposes decisions that have dramatic life-altering effects on people they have no emotional concern for whatever. The Judge seemed to be preoccupied with siding toward the severe alcoholic mother with an expensive lawyer who was smooth and sly in court, coached the hell out of his clients, vs. the clearly dedicated, attentive and loving father who apparently would've been better off not exhibiting how dedicated he was, surely not dare say "I've been a dedicated father to my son for 7 years, not once rescheduling parenting time." The Judge came back and used statements like that against me, commenting that I was making a lot of "I" statements, that it sounded like it was "...all about me". So...a deeply sincere, "I love you with all my heart" is all about the person in love (implying self-centeredness), being that it's an "I" statement. Cheap, entirely untrue and corrupting, superficializing and twisting a person's sincerity to meet their personal, biased opinion. And as a result of 62% time with two sociopaths (won't explain, other than to say they they're entirely void of morals, having probably lied 30-50 times in court), my son is now cold, lazy and showing key signs he's acquiring the gravely concerning character flaws that they have. The key to life, so I think, is to stop judging. You might have picked up on me judging the Judge, my son's mother and stepdad, the finger surgeon, and others. And yet, my life is filled with uncountable blessings. As it's said in the AA Big Book, our minds are like magic magnifying glasses. Whatever we focus on gets bigger. Focus on the negatives, the negatives get bigger. Focus on the good, and the good gets better. That's why I now never watch or read the news. I was miserable when I did...mistakenly coming to believe that life sucks, that the government is garbage, that people are lame, frighteningly apathetic to their fellows (whether they be someone else on the road or someone from another nation), and that people are now almost void of lust for life. I was 19 in 1984, when everyone's spirit was bursting with happiness. Creativie new music was overflowing the airwaves, we were excited to dress colorfully, tweak our hair...we were excited about life. Reagan was in office and I thought he was great. I was naive to his politics, but he had a great, positive, warm spirit and emanated of having a warm heart. Never would I have thought that someday the GOP political party with rare exception would be tantamount to the Nazi Party around 1933 (when synagogues were burning); the scariest part of the GOP today is that it came out of nowhere. 5 years ago, they were relatively civil, had a heart and conscience and while a couple notches lower in moral code, could be considered relatively mentally and emotionally healthy. Today (again, I've been unaffiliated my whole life, having me retain an objective perspective), the Republican Party shows every sign of having gone insane. Our current POTUS is insane, sociopathic, and suffering from a grave psychosis. Pathological lying is one thing. But lying about something that anyone tempted would instantly realize that'll never fly because as soon as the lie is said, the person being lied about will come forward and reveal it's a lie. But DJT failed entirely to anticipate the likelihood that Nieto would react as he did. Now you tell me: If you were POTUS, would you *falsely* claim the president of another country called you yesterday to thank you for the great job you did on something? Would you do it if it was generally believed that the Mexican gov't hates you? Well, DJT did just that. And of course, the next day, Nieto released a statement to the world public that he hasn't called DJT in months, that no such thing happened. Mentally healthy people just don't fail to foresee a person's virtually guaranteed. But that's not all...a day or so after Nieto made his statement, DJT does essentially the exact same thing with the head of the Boy Scouts, claiming whomever it was called him to thank him for his help on something. The head of the Boy Scouts immediately responded by saying no such thing had ever happened. People don't thank others one day for their good work and help and then announce to those who heard about it that it's not true. DJT has a total failure of the capacity to anticipate the likely response of other people. He has a condition that most kids by the age of 10 have well established in their minds. DJT has no clue when to lie and when to tell the truth. He's told the truth, revealing his heartless character uncountable times. And he lies when anyone not missing some standard-issue human mental processors will have most not even consider the notion of lying, because the it's so obvious to be a bad idea that most people's minds stopped considering such things when they were kids, after the follow-up "that'll never fly" response anticipation activated. Our POTUS is mentally ill. And that's NOT a problem. The problem is that there were enough people supporting him despite that that he's still in office. The problem is that there are millions of people that support a severely mentally ill and generally grossly incompetent president.
Superb And An Excellent Compilation of Statistics And Details. Really Mind Boggling. India Has Rose To 4 th Place. It's Commendable And Incredible Achievement. Regards Ramesh H C 👏👍🙏
Are the figures cited cumulative totals or are they annual figures? Can we see the data for electric/hybrid cars please? I am sure China will win that too!
Most comments make no sense in this thread. It was the Republicans Nixon and Kissinger that opened up China to the West. The U.S. union busting of Reagan and the Republicans precipitated U. S. industry moving offshore to cheaper labor. Capitalism knows no patriotism and by it's very nature ALWAYS chases cheaper labor. Textile industry left the U.S. for Asia and now is moving from Asia to Africa for cheaper labor. U.S. industry does not help with mostly being interested in quarterly profits and stock price. The auto industry jobs with robotics replacing the employees are on a downward spiral. Robots don't pay payroll or Medicare taxes and don't have benefits for employers to pay. New world developing very quickly. Doesn't look good for what's left of the middle class.
Who is buying the chinese cars? I'm a Marine vet having served in Korea and would never buy a chinese car.
Just amazing. So, one way to stop the ongoing progress of China, and all the danger that goes with that, is for people in other countries to stop buying Chinese vehicles. Just as they have hit Australia with tariffs and bans, we could do likewise. It is not as though we do not have an immensely wide choice without them. Bryan Mulholland.
This is why Trump must be re-elected MADE IN USA Biden will put us below the UK
this is interesting
fuckin chinese
It seems to me that all the counties have one track minds and rely on making more and more cars regardless of if they are eco friendly or not to bolster their economies when they should be concentrating their efforts on trying to stop global warming as this is going to dictate on how the human-animal may have to survive. They just can't see or perhaps realize they are powerless to do anything to control the danger, what will happen when the world temperature rises only a few more degrees? We won't need cars, people will die in their millions from crop failure alone and even if we start to control emissions we will be forced into reducing manufacturing to achieve this and economies will shrink. You don't need a crystal ball to see that s the temperature rises population movement to cooler areas will be forced onto many countries with the inevitable resistance from the occupants of the intended area they wish to move into. There is still time if only they would listen.
Uneducated IDIOTS believe in Global Warming without proof! "[T]he influence of so-called greenhouse gases on near-surface temperature - is not yet absolutely proven. In other words, there is as yet no incontrovertible proof either of the greenhouse effect, or its connection with alleged global warming. This is no surprise, because in fact there is no such thing as the greenhouse effect: it is an impossibility. The statement that so-called greenhouse gases, especially CO2, contribute to near-surface atmospheric warming is in glaring contradiction to well-known physical laws relating to gas and vapour, as well as to general caloric theory.' (Heinz Thieme)
Very very well done. I thought it was Harness Racing
Great video with some hard messages. China is leveraging the strength of a centralistic regime ( clear plan with no objections allowed) with free market economics ( new investments, technology and increasing wealth of the middle class) This is potentially a worrying development for the free world. The video also shows the decline of old leaders in the world ( US , UK) with regard to economic competitiveness and the sharp rise of South Korea. Having said that, car production does not say anything about quailty of life, human rights and environmental responsability!
So John why are we getting these extreme weather conditions and the world temperature has risen more quickly these past few years., proof enough if it were needed.
Amazing info and amazing graphics
Vote Trump !!!!
Do not blame government or industry, reason is the consumer who refuses to buy local produces cars because they could buy same specification cheaper from an other manufacturer in a other country. So the industry moved on the request of the customer and no politician can change that. The industry that has moved is gone and will never come back because the consumer will not buy it. That is because of the short term vision of the consumer : I want it now and cheap. Duiring the last months (Covid19) the main $$makers were.. onlineshops from Asia .. who bring in stuff from Asia because we want it now and cheap.
N ever owned any car or truck not made by the big three, hope I never have to!
Wonderful representation. The speed at which China came there was no comparison for the earlier ones.
How does this account for parts made in various countries but assembled in one? We live in a global economy.
Good insight.
Very interesting to see how countries change positions over the years. My last 3 cars have been from South Korea. All 3 have been excellent vehicles and well-built. My wife had a Ford for about 8 years and then went to a Hyundai--quality was better for the price.
The comments are quite interesting with all the political assumption. I view this as production in each country with a variety of manufacturers being hosted in any given country. General Motors produces cars in China that i can only assume is attributed to Chinese production numbers, whether these vehicles are sold in China or another country. Manufacturers make production decisions based on fiscal advantage. They will take advantage of any production improvement that enhances their bottom line. Some countries will not allow foreign enterprise in their borders, or tariff to balance export. I don't believe this fascinating progression graph reflects the sales of manufacturers as presented ,but simply production in each country. Getting pissed off at a country for hosted production is incorrect if the basis for the decision to move production was made in the boardroom, because labor rates and tax incentives in a particular country made sense for bottom line. Corporations exist to make money and will take advantage of all tools to achieve this goal. All the while playing the game legally within the confines of current details. A paired graph of manufacturers total production would give insight.
Very interesting
GM has not paid back what they owe. The province of ONTARIO recently wrote off $30 million in good faith and GM still ceased production in Oshawa. Furthermore, the government of Canada and province of Ontario gave GM 1/3 (33%) of the money they needed to avoid bankruptcy. Not GM Canada, General Motors Corporation. Bunch of back stabbers.
Is it possible to compile similar information on countries woes productions of two and threes wheelers?? It would be very informative.
Talk all you want about China, let's beef it up. Japan and Gemany lead the pack in producing automobiles. I thought we defeated both countries in WWII ? Why do we continue paying for them, bo beat us? Why are we paying all that we do for their security. God Bless President Trump; he is the only American President with BALLS and doesn't owe any favors to anyone. If you don't vote for Trump; you are a socialitst/communist, or you will be. George Lostracco
All these political postings. These are the production countries, not the corporation base country necessarily. If it were more profitable for producers to be based in the US they would be here.
It was Japan when we were kids, cheap labor and modern assembly techniques. China, w/1.300 Billion people is 3.5+ times the population of the. USA-just that alone gives them an edge over a lot of the countries of the world, combined. That’s why so many of the world’s countries produce there- they all want a piece of the action., and they make it for less there, so there profit is greater, even at the lower sale price there.
Thank you Democrats for bailing out GM and Chysler who in turn began making cars offshore with that bail out of our tax dollars,clearly we tax payers made China happy. FORD took none of our money and kept manufacturing in North America NORTH America being US,Mexico,and Canada AND not China other than Fords soldMin China I am sure GM and Chysler employees are happy .One more thing JAPAN invested in America and have been building more vehicles in AMERICA than GM and Chysler combined
If you make your living in the USA buy American so profits stay here.
Buying American. It may take research to understand what that means as many manufacturers from abroad are already producing in the US, while so many US based companies are fulfilling the large part of production abroad where labor and materials cost hem less. POTUS Trump should be first on the bandwagon to shut down his foreign based holdings rather than promoting these hospitality venues to enhance his profits. His business history would suggest that he is the first to jump ship when his holdings profits decline, and he has left many employees and contractors to suck air with his many bankruptcies.
Thisclearlyshowswhy the European autoindustry wasfunding Ngosinindiatofindfault with safety standards of Indian cars
We had some really good cars in the 50s. Then they started building them smaller. Look at the "Smart car". I used to say -"Smart car--dumb driver".
Fascinating production - TQ - a relief from the mutt in the US who has managed to bring the country down to a Banana Republic status ...
WOW! ...gulp...
I am from South Africa and for over 2 decades i have written articles in the Newspapers and told friends that China is the biggest threat to the West and due to our greed we are doing nothing about it. China are the biggest colonialists in Africa who have fallen into the debt trap and allowed them to plunder the natural resources of the continent both on land and sea. Look at their behavior in the South China Sea and their indoctrination camps. Human rights means nothing to them and we are hypocrites in the West when we get all up tight about human right abuses etc elsewhere but are quite willing to trade fully with them and let them take over. There is an old saying 'Beware of the East" and the chickens are now coming home to roost.
Too much to comprehend. I'm concerned with local crooks and this makes our governments the biggest crooks.
Fascinating stuff indeed. Would like to see similar data for production of electric and hybrid vehicles, especially China's contribution.
Kinda dubious... it doesn't mention countries like Australia (GM owned Holden, Ford and Toyota) and Portugal with big powerplants for VW, Renault, Ford etc. even Alfa Romeo in 70's)...
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