Happy Easter Amid The Squatters And Lunatics

Lock your doors and don't call the law

By Donald Jeffries
"I Protest"

Spring is in the air, to quote a time honored expression. The atheists must really struggle at this time of year. Observing the plants and the flowers magically blossoming forth, the birds and crickets chirping. The renewal of life. It must be very hard to attribute all that beauty and loveliness to sterile randomness.

I feel sorry for those who don’t live in climates where the change of seasons is so visible. Who don’t get to watch the leaves turning golden and red and yellow in the fall. Or watch the birds flying south for the winter. But spring is truly special. It symbolizes the Resurrection which we celebrate on Easter Sunday. The coming back to life. Jesus rising from the dead was instantly recognized for the danger to the established order that it represented. You can read in the Bible where Matthew notes that “the Jews” were spreading the lie that his disciples had stolen his body from the tomb. This would probably be a popular view among secularists today, if they even acknowledged that Jesus Christ ever existed.

If Jesus rose from the dead, something which is scientifically impossible for human beings to do, this would automatically prove that he was the Son of God. Thus, such a concept must be ridiculed by all the usual suspects. The same thing holds, of course, for the Immaculate Conception. To those of us who believe in God, there is no problem accepting that the unfathomable being who created our world could impregnate a woman without sexual intercourse. Or die and then rise from the dead. The coldhearted eugenicists who rule this world have no time for anything supernatural, especially when it concerns a Creator who will one day judge us all. Instead, they try to distract us with black holes and big bangs.

Looking at the title of my little missive, you may be asking just what squatters have to do with Easter. Well, nothing directly perhaps, but they are suddenly in the news, and it is Easter time. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how someone can just break into an empty home, and then be considered the legal occupants. Even for our monstrously corrupt society, with its open borders and misgendered pronouns, this is incomprehensible. We are told that “the law” sometimes protects the squatters, and not the homeowners, or renters whose names are on the lease. I suppose that makes as much sense as men giving birth, or “White Supremacy” being responsible for the epidemic of Blacks physically attacking Asians.

When your entire civilization has gone mad, your laws will reflect that. So a classless, uneducated public official like Fani Willis is protected by the law. But a guy selling pillows, like Mike Lindell, is driven into bankruptcy and may well be prosecuted for expressing the view held by millions, that the 2020 election was fraudulent. One of the career criminals going around and sucker punching women in New York is released without bail every time. But the January 6 political prisoners are denied bail, and some still sit behind bars, over three years later, denied all due process. If that doesn’t sound like lunacy, I don’t know what would. We are dealing with something far beyond mere corruption. It is not even simple insanity. It is as if the Joker, the Riddler, and other comic book villains were placed in power, and all had a tyrannical political agenda.

As I mull over what will be in my Easter basket tomorrow (and yes, at sixty seven, I still get one), I think of all the homeless American citizens, forced to live a prehistoric existence on the streets. Sure, it’s often because of drug abuse or alcoholism, and more often from mental illness that goes untreated because the mental health facilities have largely shut down. But they are still human beings, who’ve probably paid a lot of taxes over the years. How must they feel as they watch the illegal immigrants- some of them undoubtedly alcoholics, drug addicts, and mentally ill- be given shelter in school gyms or even five star hotels? Depending on the source, the illegals are apparently getting as much as $2200 a month from our government as well. Even the craziest of the homeless must be irked by the fact these policies are being promoted by real lunatics.

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