Things You Don't See Everyday

Flathead Lake, the clearest water on Earth.
In case you were wondering how big an eagle's talons a
A Spitting Cobra spitting its venom.
If you are lucky enough to survive a lightning strike, this is what your body will look like. (The person I knew that had been struck by lightning did not have burns like that)
An ant’s face seen through an electron microscope.
Flowers after an ice storm.
A 1 in 100 million Cotton Candy lobster.
Scary but so beautiful storm clouds approaching Moscow
The hole that a needle, syringe leaves in your skin as seen by an electron microscope.
This is a 392 year old Greenland Shark that was recently discovered in the Arctic Ocean.
He's been wandering the ocean since 1627!
This is how big a redwood is.
This Opal looks like it holds its own sky inside it. Found in Queensland, Australia.
Yes, Green Roses are real and very special. They are the original rose and have been around for nearly 30,000 years.