Every airplane that was ever built. ....

Subject: Every airplane that was ever built. ....

You will definitely want to copy and paste the following link into your

You can pull up just about every airplane that was ever built and every aircraft company ever to produce any airplane in every country in the world. Want to check out almost any airplane ever built in the world? Old, new, military, civilian, whatever? Browse this fascinating site for a few minutes. You will be amazed at what has been done in airplane design. The amount of info available on every airplane is unbelievable.

This is a super reference file. This is absolutely unreal and an
excellent job of consolidating all this information. If you like airplanes, you'll love this site.

For the fun of it, click on the "Z" in the alphabetical listing. To give
you an idea of the complexity of this site, on clicking the "Z" you will see aircraft companies that I can guarantee you never heard of.In some case where the aircraft type is grayed out, I guess data was just not available.