On the shoulders of jerks

"And the penalty for a single mis-step, I mean, imagine you have a bad thought or you say a bad thing, is that the end of your career? We're going to dispose of high ability people because they told an off-color joke in the wrong setting? That's insane. You might have somebody on the verge of a cure for cancer, but if they told a joke that offended somebody's gender sensibilities, that person could be out of a job. That's insane. It's important to understand, that level of intolerance, that level of fragility, has to be driven out of the institutions that require these high agency individuals."

"I think that what's really going on is that there's been a monopoly, effectively, on a narrative held by the collection of major institutional voices.  The true spectrum of thought is far broader than people have been led to believe."

"What works … is when you're living through what I call Left-Carthyism, where the modern Left, which is my side of the aisle, has gotten so completely insane, that people are starved for normal conversation as if it were samizdat in the former Soviet Union."